Project of Mrs Michelle Thomasz

When I decided to install solar panels in my residence, I was in a rented place in Rajagiriya. Mr Zahil and Mr Ashvin visited me a couple of times and patiently explained the process to me. Some of the prevalent examples of the remarkable customer service of Solar World was depicted to me when:
1. The staff made many visits to explain things and eradicate my uncertainties.
2. The fact they convinced me that a 10 panel system would suffice for my requirements, despite me wanting to go for a 12 panel system.
3 The timely visits made to assess the property.
4. The on time installation and maintenance work.
5. The fact that they did and assisted me to get all the formalities done in the Government offices.
6. The easy payment method.
7. The discount
8. The fact that they still treat your queries with utmost respect and come up with the easiest solutions.
9. Their timely service.
10. Most of all the fact that they keep to their promise. They deliver what they promise on time, all the time, which is such a rarity.
I am extremely pleased with Solar World and will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
I wish them all the success.
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