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Our Scope of Solar Power Distribution

At Solar World, our goal is to reach long-term economic sustainability through reliable, environmentally-sustainable, renewable energy adaptations. We continue to provide solar power solutions to Sri Lankan households, as part of our efforts to empower Sri Lankan families both socially and economically. Further, we aspire to distribute solar power to startups, businesses and enterprises of all levels who have incorporated ethical, green energy attitudes to their organizational framework.

How We Operate

Residential Solution

As a socially-responsible organization committed to empower local families, Solar World provides sustainable solar energy solutions to households.
Saves the Electricity Bill Cost
Solar energy is a cost-effective energy solution. No extra bills at the end of the month. It’s long-lasting and reliable.
Lower Your Carbon Footprint
Solar energy is completely eco-friendly, ensuring that our planet is safe for you, and for your children, for years to come.
Increase Energy Independence
A reliable energy source, solar power generates an uninterrupted supply of energy ensuring self-sufficiency.

Our Projects

A quick look at our former clients including but not limited to houseowners, business owners and budding entrepreneurs.

Our Values

High Quality Equipment

Highest and newest available technology in the market ensures accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Fast & easy installation

A fast and easy installation process with high levels of accuracy and new technology ensures trust and punctuality.

Friendly Customer Service

Our team is always committed to provide accurate, efficient answers to all our clients’ needs.

Low Installation Cost

Our installation costs are kept at affordable prices, ensuring a high availability of renewable energy in the society.

Long Lasting Energy

Solar energy is a long-term, sustainable energy solution. It’s cost-effective and results in economic empowerment.

Customized Solutions

Our team focuses on generating customized solutions to our clientele based on their different energy needs and goals.


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