Residential Solutions

As a socially-responsible organization committed to empower local families, Solar World provides sustainable solar energy solutions to households. Fuel or hydropower energy costs are quite high for many families and homes in Sri Lanka. The monthly electricity bill is often a burden to household income and a threat to long-term financial security and sufficiency in a family. Further, solar energy is completely eco-friendly, ensuring that our planet is safe for you, and for your children, for years to come.

Considering all these reasons, Solar World focuses on the growth of renewable energy usage in Sri Lankan households. We understand that each of our clients may have different energy goals and are looking for diverse solutions. Therefore, we carefully curate solar energy projects to meet our clients’ needs after a thorough field research.

While there is an initial investment, solar energy provides long-term economic benefits. Therefore, to assist with initial costs of the panels and installation process, Solar World also facilitates our clients with low interest loan schemes. Aside financial solutions, our team takes care of all the technological steps throughout the project development process. The post-installation plan further ensures that we will update and guide you through your renewable energy journey, providing continuous maintenance of the products.

Our projects, at present, expand beyond the small household. As we are committed to social sustainability, we offer large scale solar energy solutions to like-minded businesses. Our business clients include resorts, hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, startups and everyone with a go-green mission. We also offer a number of attractive loan schemes for small businesses in Sri Lanka, to find cost-effective, reliable, long-term renewable solar energy solutions.

Empowering families with solar energy

Solar World provides economic empowerment to Sri Lankan families through cost-effective, eco-friendly energy solutions.

Conserving our environment with sustainable energy

Solar World strives to conserve the environment as a sustainable, zero-emission energy provider.

Incorporating diverse industries and energy adaptations

Solar World incorporates diverse industries and sustainable energy adaptations through value-add answers.