What is Solar World?

Solar World is one of the leading solar companies in Sri Lanka, handling solar projects across the island with great care. It was in June, 2016, Solar World was founded by a group of young, enthusiastic, passionate entrepreneurs. Similar to many successful organizations committed to both economic and environmental sustainability, Solar World, and the young entrepreneurs have an inspiring tale to tell.

This is their story. The story of a socially-committed congregation of exciting ideas, and a group of individuals with a can-do attitude.

In 2016, the group of young entrepreneurs shared one common vision. It was their shared vision for the future which brought them all together. Their aim was to set high standards in the fast-growing solar power industry in Sri Lanka by addressing specific solar project needs of home and business owners. A highly integrated group of young individuals, over the years, Solar World focused on creating a series of exciting solar projects across the island. As a result, the startup soon became a key energy solution-provider for clients, in eventuating economic, environmental and social advantages of the advanced solar technology.

Passionate about the planet we call home, our beautiful Mother Earth, the entrepreneurs understood the value of accelerating the adaptation of solar energy solutions. Moving on from harmful fossil fuels, sustainable energy options such as solar energy assists to conserve the environment.

As it often happens with good deeds, one positive venture leads to a number of benefits in a diverse range of fields. Similarly, environmental sustainability eventually leads to materialize economic sustainability. Solar power, too, produces long-term economic growth by providing cost-effective, reliable energy solutions.

Driven on innovation, the young entrepreneurs share the core values of trust, respect, integrity and commitment to their clients. Combining the means of new thought, research, and technology, the team also runs the most engaged, up-to-date knowledge base for solar power, other renewable zero-emission energy solutions and high value-add answers to ever-growing energy issues in Sri Lanka.

Acquisition is key. Thus, the team of young entrepreneurs instigates the best technology and highly innovative, efficient products and services to the clientele of Sri Lanka. However, their commitment to the clients doesn’t stop at providing the newest technological solutions.

Research and practice hold the base for long-term success. Careful, extensive research assist the experts at Solar World to spring up practical, effective solutions – both economically and environmentally friendly – to address existing energy problems. Punctuality seals the trust. As a result, the young, energetic team handles the merchandizing and installation process with zero delays and high levels of accuracy.